We encourage you to seek online sources first, but should you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk - Jenna Petit - (715) 266-3131.

Absentee Ballot Request

You may request absentee ballot for any individual election, or for all elections in a given year. If you want absentee ballots sent automatically for all elections, you must submit a new request form every year in January.

Voting Location

Application for Absentee Ballots


Burning Permits

Burn Permit

Please visit DNR.WI.gov for the most current information, or call  DNR Hotline at 1-888-947-2876

Class B Liquor and Beer License

Contact Town Clerk for forms and information

Dog License

Dog License is required for any dog 5 mos of age or older. Fee is $15.00 for an unaltered dog or $10.00 for a spayed or neutered dog. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Send fee with valid rabies certificate to Town Clerk. Necessary information includes name, color, predominant breed of dog.

Driveway Permit

For new driveways or improvements to existing driveways on your property a driveway permit is required. There is no charge for this permit. Please contact the Town Clerk for permit form.

Operator’s (Bartender’s) License

Required for all persons to tend bar in the Town of Winter. Fee is $15 per year, all licenses expire on June 30. There is no pro-ration for partial year. Please provide proof of current valid license from another municipality or responsible beverage server class certificate along with completed application form. Classes are available online.

Use Of Town Hall Meeting Room

Contact Town Clerk for availability.

Voter Registration

Contact the Town Hall for more information or visit http://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/Register and complete a registration form online. A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License or photo ID and proof of residency is required. (You must be a resident for 28 days before you can vote)

Voting Location

How to Register to Vote



How to check to see if you are registered