In the 2020 Elections we experienced a larger than normal volume of absentee voters due to the pandemic.   With the pandemic still active and a new year upon us, we want to remind voters that to continue to vote by absentee ballot for 2021 elections voters are required to submit an Application to Vote by Absentee Ballot each calendar year.  The voter is also required to submit a photo ID with their request.  A current driver license is the most popular form of photo ID. 

 We encourage voters to utilize online options whenever possible for these requests.

 Voters can visit:  elections.wi.gov and search under forms for EL-121 Application for Absentee Ballot.  A blank form can be printed and completed by the voter or there is a fillable form option where you type your information in and then print the completed form.  Either option would then need to be mailed or dropped off at the Town Hall office along with your photo ID.  This option requires the voter to complete and submit the form by mail or drop off at the Town Hall.

 Voters can also visit: myvote.wi.gov and follow the prompts to Vote Absentee.  This site is easy to navigate and allows the voter to complete and submit all information online.  No stamps, no trips to the mail box or the Town Hall.

 It is also acceptable to submit a written request in letter form.  The letter must include your voting address, the address where your ballot should be sent and your signature and a photo ID.  Absentee Ballot request forms are available at the Town Hall Office, they are located in a folder in the entryway of our office.                       



Lori Van Winkle


 Town of Winter